Welcome to Practical Paleo! My name is Amanda and I’m here to blog about my journey toward a healthier, more paleo lifestyle. I did my very first Whole30¬†back in 2014 for Lent (I’ve since done about five or six more–I’ve lost track). After going through the reintroduction period, I realized I might have some food allergies I was previously unaware of. Not long after, I went to an allergist to get tested. In addition to all the environmental stuff I’m allergic to, I also found out I have mild sensitivities to beef, pork, lamb, peanuts, and soy, as well as gluten/wheat and dairy.

Ever since then I have struggled with what I can and cannot have. The reason I’ve done so many Whole30s is I’m still trying to figure out what the perfect diet is for me. While I know that eating paleo¬†most of the time is what I should be doing, it’s not what I’m doing most of the time. At least not lately. So my goal with my current Whole30 was to reset my eating habits (again) and then figure out what works best for me. I call that “practical paleo”. It probably won’t be me eating 100% paleo, 100% of the time. That would mean missing out on some really delicious meals with some really special people.

So this blog is dedicated to practicing a paleo lifestyle in a practical way. You may also see posts about exercise (mostly running and yoga), meditation, and my struggle to minimize and lead a more sustainable life. All of these play a role in both my physical and mental health.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and share this blog with others making similar health journeys.